Daily Walk of Faith

Table of Contents


Chapter  1   Purpose of this Book                   page 3
Chapter  2   Walking In God's Presence         page 10

 Chapter  3   Israel Walks Away                     page 24

 Chapter  4   Reprobation                                page 33

 Chapter  5   Some Misread Verses                 page 45

 Chapter  6   A Walk Through Hebrews         page 52

 Chapter  7   A Walk With Peter                     page 70

 Chapter  8   Walk In Christ's Steps                page 83

 Chapter  9   Where the Deception Started     page 92

 Chapter 10   Conclusion                              page 105




Purpose of this Book

I was raised in a "Christian Home", and we attended church every time the doors were opened.  I would be "inspired" to follow men and be a good little "denominationalist.” The "hero" preachers that I looked up to really deterred me from the Lord. Though they spoke inspiring, messages that "challenged" me to stay in the church, they were no different from the world, and their sinful life was that of money, success, and entertainment.  A large comfortable church, the praise of men, and a good “reputation” as the “nicest” preacher was far more important to them, than telling anyone the truth!  Instead of helping people by teaching them to repent and be victorious over their sins, they wanted “peace at any cost”, which meant disobedience to the Lord, Who commanded, “Preach the Word.” Instead of freeing men from the bondage of sin, the sermons justified and covered their defeated lifestyle.
My father (adopted) loved the Lord (though many times walking in the flesh) really earned my respect.  It seemed that what he saw in scripture contradicted the social gospel taught in the denominational churches.  He took a stand against sin practiced by those professing “Christians.”  He sincerely tried to “reform” the denomination from within.  Pastors, assistant pastors, evangelists, Sunday school teachers, and pew warmers all had one thing in common - they did not like their comfortable form of godliness exposed!

I had always had a "lack of assurance" of "salvation."  I had been "saved" so many times, that I became a regular at baptism! No matter whom I talked to or what I did, I always had a pounding heart and fear that God would not "accept me" as I was "accepting Him."  I prayed the "sinner’s prayer" so much that many people claimed that they had "led me to Christ."  (At one point an argument broke out about it!)  No matter how many doubts, fears, or sins, I was assured by all that I was indeed "saved.” According to them, there was no way that I would not make it to heaven!  
Whether I believed it or not, I was going - because I had prayed and "God had already done everything for me."